MedeFile is a patient-centric, computerized medical records service designed for those who want to take an active role in their personal healthcare decisions. Easy access to a comprehensive medical history file for yourself and your family members is now possible.

Using the latest in data management technology, MedeFile puts you in control of your medical records and health history. The MedeFile system collects, organizes, and archives your complete medical profile. MedeFile handles the entire process efficiently and safely.

With your authorization and on your behalf, MedeFile contacts all present and previous healthcare providers, and gathers copies of your actual medical records - like hospitalization charts, doctors' notes, treatment plans, medications, and test results. Using a secure process, MedeFile consolidates, digitizes, and stores your records in the MedeVault, a highly protected, controlled access computerized records facility.

Your MedeFile - a centralized, confidential electronic portfolio of your health history - provides immediate, secure access to your entire medical record, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from virtually anywhere in the world. MedeFile enables you and your doctors to focus on current concerns with confidence.

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