MedeFile does the work! MedeFile gathers and stores copies of a member's actual medical records from hospitals, doctor's offices or outpatient facilities. The MedeFile service consolidates these records into an easily accessible digital format, available to each member 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in the world. This entire process is accomplished in a highly secure environment, allowing members to take control of their personal and family's health and well being.

All personal information you provide, and all information MedeFile gathers on your behalf, is held in strict confidence and always controlled by you, the member.

MedeFile's DHP (Digital Health Profile)

MedeFile offers one of the most comprehensive and sophisticated personal health profiles in the healthcare industry. MedeFile's DHP has been developed by doctors and specialists in the medical records field. It allows members to enter their own medical history and family history in summary form. When the member completes the DHP, it becomes a part of the member's MedeFile.

This medical profile enables you to organize, manage and easily create a summary sheet for your digital medical record, your MedeFile. Information includes allergies, medications, adverse drug reactions, as well as information about your personal and family medical histories, your blood type and any other special information you think is important for doctors to know. This data can be easily updated at any time by faxing documents directly into your MedeFile.

The MedeVault

The MedeVault is a highly secure digital document repository which assures MedeFile members that they can access their records 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year from virtually anywhere in the world. The MedeVault utilizes state-of-the-art document management and security technology to insure permanent, private record storage. All transactions in the MedeVault are recorded via an audit log. Your account audit log is available for you to review at any time, so you may see any activity regarding your account.


Carry your Emergency Information with you wherever you go. MedeDrive is a special USB hard drive, attractively designed and slender enough to attach to key chain. This powerful computer storage device contains your Emergency Medical Information and your entire MedeFile, which can be viewed on a PC without connecting to the Internet. MedeDrive self loads its own viewer, so no special program or software is required. Your MedeDriv e can be inserted into the USB port of any PC, providing life saving information quickly and accurately. Your MedeDrive can also store files containing Advanced Directives, Living Wills, DNR Orders, Durable Powers of Attorney, and Heath Care Proxies. However, only Emergency Information can be accessed without proper authentication and pass codes.

Unlike services that may offer only a CD or data storage device that can't be updated, or that may charge a fee for a limited number of annual updates, MedeDrive can be updated as often as you like. Medication changes, recent test results, changes in condition - all new information can be added to your MedeDrive at your discretion by updating from a PC using the MedeFile website. Carry current, accurate medical information with you at all times.

MedeFile's ECS (Emergency Call Service)
You're traveling and become ill or injured in an accident,
  Who is going to notify your loved ones?
  How will they know whom to contact?
  How will you know for sure that they have been contacted?

MedeFile's ECS (Emergency Call Service), a unique service, which will notify those you pre-select. Now you can rest assured that in the event of a medical emergency, the right people would be contacted on your behalf. No more worrying about whether someone has been contacted, or possibly having treatment delayed because someone needed to be reached.

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